Recycling of Rotary Screens

100% Pollution free stripping service for old rotary Screens.All printing sizes, meshes and repeats are possible.Endring will be removed in the same process with water.


Engraving for Rotary Screens and Flat Screens with a CST Inkjet.Raster on the fly optionswhich allows rastering during the jetting process.


Designs for Apparel and Home Furnishing Industries.We are using DGS Software as apower full tool for support your ideas.

Color separation

Spot and Process Color separation for any kind of design.Specialized in soft water color effects for rotary and flat prints.


Training on all CST engraving equipments withthe newest Technology available. In houseproduction Training for Textile Software from DGS.

Digital Printing

Digital Printing service with Reactive and Pigments.Mainly used for sampling withadvanced calibration to copy the real production color and dot gain.

Laser Engraving

Flexo Plates, Rollers and Sleeves using the latest DLE technology up to 5080 dpi.

Machinery for Rotary and Flat Screen Making Process

Assembled by our team of specialists